You can activate/deactivate music and sounds, choose the language used in the game, adjust the tooltip delay and adjust the combat animation delay. You can also select whether the turn resolution should be paused for immediate inspection of battle results (“Pause after Battle”) in addition to being reported in the Message Log for the turn.


In this menu, you can activate/deactivate the Fog of War and Activation rules. You can also play with Leaders randomized to various degrees: in this case, leader names and attributes are randomized when you create a new game. We recommend leaving the default
settings for your first game. You may adjust whether armies delay before committing to battle, and the level of routine attrition you choose to model. You may select Extended Force Pools to relax the historical limitations on available Units by doubling or tripling them (expect great divergence from historical patterns). Player aids available here include Easy Supply rules, simplified Naval Box handling, several degrees of automated replacements, and a variety of other options. We believe the best historical feel is achieved by using the default settings.


This is where you select the difficulty level and adjust the intelligence, aggressiveness, activation bonus, and Detection ability of your computer opponent – the Athena engine. Even a slight improvement to Detection has a significant impact on your Athena’s ability to strategize. Adjusting difficulty can give Athena a bonus or penalty – for example, “Lieutenant” ranking gives the AI better movement speed, cohesion recovery, and reduced command penalties for undercommanded military forces – but no direct combat advantages. You can also allow the game more time to process between turns, improving the opposing military planning AI (which is the most processing-intensive). The game campaigns and scenarios have been optimized for the default settings (e.g., middle box for Activation, second box for Redeployment and for Delayed Commitment, and Low for AI Detection).


You can adjust technical settings here. These include “Region Pre-caching” and “Textures Init.” which allow for smoother scrolling. The AGEOD forum can help you decide which settings are best for you. There is also “CPU Sleep Mode” which suspends CPU usage while the game is not the active application. This can be turned off or on as can some settings that reduce graphics load times.


This allows you to enable or disable major historical events if provided for by the scenario or campaign.

Note: The “reset” button on options pages allows you to reset that page to its default settings.