A wealth of game information can be accessed through so-called “tooltips”.  If you hover your mouse long enough over a particular item on the screen, a text box will appear with detailed information about the corresponding feature.




Figure 1: Hovering your mouse over a region will display a black “tooltip” box with 'additional information about the region.

The tooltip delay is set to “instantaneous” by default, but it can be adjusted in the Options Menu.

Note: Tooltips are extremely valuable for accessing information about almost everything in the game, including features not documented in this manual. Don’t hesitate to explore the various tooltips for the game screens as these can aid greatly in understanding the details of the game.

The Esc key (at the top lef of most keyboards) allows you to close any window
currently open. If you hit the Esc key while on the main map, you will be returned
to the Main Menu where you can save and/or quit the game in progress. Note that
the game automatically saves your position when you End Turn or exit to the Main
Menu, so nothing is lost by accidentally escaping out of the main game.
Finally, there are many keyboard shortcuts that are listed in the Appendices section
of this manual.